Garmin launches new cycling computers with Firstbeat heartbeat analytics on-board

By Melt Water Press

The Garmin Edge 820 and Garmin Edge Explore 820 cycling computers were released today with several new features powered by Firstbeat analytics. The touch screen cycling computer is designed for competitors and serious achievers who need GPS navigation and advanced performance monitoring, GroupTrack and connected features.

The Edge 820 and the Edge Explore 820 alternative, suited for adventurers and touring riders, are an eagerly anticipated update to the popular Garmin Edge family. The Edge devices offer access to numerous Firstbeat performance metrics, which have become a staple of the Garmin sports monitoring experience. Ant+ connectivity gives the Edge 820 access to key information needed for producing performance metrics.

“We are excited to share the newest additions to our extensive cycling line-up with our announcement of the innovative Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of worldwide sales. “Whether riders are chasing performance and racing goals or out for adventure and touring, the Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820 offer a full-suite of features to help track data that is important to them.”

The devices’ advanced performance monitoring, enabled by Firstbeat, include VO2max, recovery advisor, functional threshold power (FTP), stress score, performance condition and energy expenditure (kCal) calculation.

“Garmin is committed to providing consumers with the best possible understanding of their performance and the Edge 820 is an excellent example of that philosophy in practice,” comments Firstbeat’s Head of Consumer Products Aki Pulkkinen about the co-operation.

Firstbeat-powered features on Garmin Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820: 
VO2max is the long-considered gold standard for health and fitness. It represents the maximum volume of oxygen (ml/kg/min) the body can consume at maximum performance. Typically available only for athletes and requiring exhausting laboratory tests, the Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820 predicts this key metric using heartbeat information during normal cycling exercise.

Recovery Advisor displays how much time remains before the rider is fully recovered and ready for the next hard workout. Recovery time appears immediately following the exercise session and counts down until the optimal recovery period has elapsed.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) expresses the optimum performance workload (watts/kg) at which lactate starts to build up in your body faster than it can be cleared, causing a rapid increase in fatigue. With the FTP, you can see what you are able to deliver in power without building up lactate. It is very useful information for time-trials and races, as you can go for goal power, not goal time. Similar to Garmin’s flagship triathlon watch, the Forerunner 735XT, pairing the device to an ANT+ heart monitoring belt and a power meter allows users to locate appropriate power zones for effective training plans and assess progress over time.

Stress score: making its debut in the Edge series, this 3-minute standing test uses Firstbeat’s heart rate variability analytics to reveal the user’s readiness for the next workout. The stress score helps users determine an exercise with the right intensity. 

Performance Condition:
Daily performance shows the cycling performance in real-time in relation to the average performance during previous sessions. This helps riders separate the good days from the bad ones and know when one is ready to break personal records! The performance condition helps see how fatigue affects performance during the session and helps make the right decisions before the finish line.

Energy Expenditure (kCal) calculation
The Edge 820 and Edge 820 Explore include Firstbeat’s innovative oxygen consumption-based Energy Expenditure calculation. It is accurate during all phases of exercise – from rest to maximal intensity and during varying-intensity exercise.

For a detailed description of these features and how they are used, visit
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